Kred adds Influence and Outreach to the Blockchain

We work with Blockchain's best, to help you engage your audience

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Dual Ledger

Kred uses a dual-ledger system to provide fast, cheap transactions.

Transactions are written to the Stellar Network by default.

Users who switch to Ethereum simply need to pay Gas.


Kred created an ERC20 protocol fungible currency, CƘr.

CƘr is the store of value used to create Kred Coins.

It is available for purchase from Kred and Market Makers.


When a Kred Coin is created using a store of value in CƘr, an ERC721 or Non-Fungible token (NFT) is created.

Kred Coins are compatible with approved Cryptocollectible exchanges, including OpenSea and Rare Bits.

Use Kred Coins to power Blockchain rewards in your Application - View the API [fa icon="external-link"]


Our Journey Creating Kred Coins

How we developed the first Crypto Coin focused on Influence and Engagement

CEO Jodee Rich tells his story, building a leading team of Advisors, Lawyers and Developers capable of merging Kred's social technology with the distribution, immutability and trust of Blockchain.

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